Who do you think you are?

Who do you think you are?

Hello and welcome to my very first ‘The Home that Jo Made’ blog post!

I decided it was about high time I started a wee blog as a better means of communicating with you all. For all of you who already follow my Instagram page (thehomethatjomade) you’ll know that primarily, I’m a lady who loves interiors. My Insta feed is made up mainly of pictures of my home which we have transformed from a once mahogany monstrosity to a cool, calm and inviting space. I’m utterly astounded at the amount of followers I’ve accrued in such a short space of time so I figured,  I must be doing something right?!

Well, as some of you will also already know, we are moving on to another project in the coming months so I’m very much looking to sharing with you all,  another transformation story.

This blog will be my go-to place now (as well as Insta) to keep you all informed and hopefully entertained along the way.

So for my first blog post, I thought i’d give you a little bit info about this ‘Scottish Burd’ you are all kindly following.

My name is Joanne Mcleary (soon to be Caira, as long as he doesn’t find out about the recent mortgageable bed throw impulse purchase etc…)

I am 34 years old and have 3 children. One of which only comes out of his room if he requires feeding, clean socks or batteries for his Xbox controller. The middle child is nearly 4, she has an obsession with stuffing dolls up her top and insists that her name is James although i’m pretty certain that we registered her as an Antonia. The third and might I add FINAL child is a human version of the Tasmanian devil. She is the one you will find attached to my leg, wherever I may be. She is also often likely to be found lying star-shaped on supermarket floors screaming for melon, dvds, hoola-hoops (basically anything that i’ve said no to). Should you ever witness this ordeal, you’ll find me in the Gin isle with a basket full of the afore mentioned melon, dvd’s, hoola-hoops… (repeatedly uttering ‘fuck my life’)!

I am a full-time university student studying teaching and hubby to-be works offshore. So basically half the year, I am a single parent juggling everything life throws at me.

I am really into fitness and do a training session everyday at a local gym. I posted one progress pic on my feed a few months back and had a big response from it so as promised, I will aim to do some regular work-out blogs for those who are interested.

As I said before, we are embarking on another house project very soon. We have been together 10 years and in that time, we haven’t yet found our forever home. Although this next move is one step closer as its in the exact area we want to settle and raise our children  and the Tasmanian devil (haha). The house needs so much work done but I already have great vision for it and am really looking forward to sharing it with you!

We are getting married in May this year also so it’s a BIG year with a hell of a lot going on!

I shan’t bore you with anymore mundane shit about me but feel free to ask any questions and as usual, i’ll do my best to answer. If you are reading this as a social worker and have concerns for my youngest daughter’s welfare, I urge you to watch my daily Insta struggle stories and feel free to join me in the gin isle!!

Be seeing y’all soon

Jo xx